An Ensemble of theatre artists working together to devise high quality, cutting edge, sustainable Sri Lankan theatre.

  We devise our work together as an ensemble
                          We pride ourselves on having a strong bilingual ensemble,
         who are working towards becoming
                              a trilingual ensemble - able to work and perform in
                                      English, Sinhala and Tamil
   In addition to theatre productions,
       we work to strengthen the surrounding sub-culture of the arts in Sri Lanka
                          and also to create stronger links between 
                                                     theatre and wider society, both local and global.
  We have a training programme for artistes,a theatre education programme
     for schools and several other theatre projects.

Who we are

Our Productions
Walking Path
 Love and Other Objects
Grease Yaka
Thought Curfew
Dear Children,Sincerely..

Support Us

 We have experienced how profound an impact theatre can have on individuals and communities. If you have experienced this too, or if you believe in what we do; there are many ways you can support our work – through sponsorship, through donations, through expertise. Please do take the time to look at what we have thought of. If you have any new ideas, do get in touch. We deeply appreciate whatever you decide to give us – because it is your act of faith that we value. Here is how you can help us. And lot of people have helped us in the past.

Our Team

Stages Theatre Group is an ensemble of independent,

bilingual artistes committed to a set of common principles and objectives in theatre.

Coming from diverse backgrounds, our team takes on varying and multiple roles within a production.

Jayampathi Guruge
Piumi Wijesundara

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