Stages Senior Ensemble

The Senior Ensemble workshop series was an intensive 15 week course for young and upcoming actors between the ages 18 and 25. The series taught these young actors directorial, acting and writing skills for stage and the workshop culminated in a successful, experimental final production, ‘Love and Other Objects’. There was a diverse group in this mix: dancers, actors and writers.  

Stages Junior Ensemble

In 2018, we launched the Stages Junior Ensemble for children 10 - 14 years of age. The workshops were conducted by Ruwanthie De Chickera and the artists of Stages Theater Group, and we had a highly energetic and talented group of approximately thirty students coming from an array of schools in Colombo namely: St. Thomas’ College, Ananda College, S. Joseph’s, Wycherly Int., Methodist College, British School.... 


Stages Artist Training

Stages Artist Training was a workshop designed after we saw the need to provide the opportunity for professional artists in Sri Lanka to build and continue a regular practise. This workshop ran for a period of 10 weeks. This was sustained by the Artist Training Fund: a fund that artists who closely work with Stages themselves set up as an investment to further their practise and skills.

School Productions

Stages has always prioritized working with students – especially encouraging them to produce original plays.  We have worked with Royal College, Methodist College, Museus College, Ananda College extensively.  We have always been interested in expanding the vision of our theater company to youngsters who will take the reins in the arts in the years to come, as sincere artists and conscientious citizens.


Ovaryacting!                    Grease Yaka

Teacher Training Workshops

Stages artists engaged in a three day training camp for Drama teachers for GCE A/Ls, and this program was hosted and organized by the Education Ministry of Sri Lanka. 80 teachers all over the island participated in this workshop which culminated in mini performances staged by the teachers using the techniques taught.  

Online Workshops

Stages Online Workshops were initiated at a time when most artists were confined to their homes owing to Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. These workshops were designed for artists to get back in touch with their practise and learn new skills via an online platform.

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