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a play that shames period shaming

Performed by the girls of Methodist College, Colombo

Directed by Piumi Wijesundara

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Ovaryacting! is a devised ensemble performance that addresses the myths and taboos surrounding female menstruation. It was created and performed by a student cast of young girls through research they themselves conducted.

March, 2019
Lionel Wendt Theatre
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Running time – 30 mins
Language - English ; Sinhala

The show was produced by Methodist College, Colombo



This devised play was researched and created in three weeks by the students of Methodist College for the annual Interschool Drama Competition organized by Royal
College staged at the Lionel Wendt. The play won ‘Best Play’, ‘Best Original Script’, and ‘Best Supporting Actor’ at the competition.

The play was written and directed by Piumi Wijesundara.

A public performance of the play, with a post-show panel discussion mediated by the
students themselves was later staged at the Methodist College auditorium.

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“Such a warm, witty, and wonderful way of dealing with a sensitive issue that spoke to students and parents alike.”

Tracy Holsinger,

Mind Adventures Theatre Co.

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Looking Back

Artists involved in creating this play reflect on the creative process; explaining how the idea came about, how it grew, changed and what finally made it to the production.

Read the Resource Pack and watch the Stages Looking Back Video to gain insight into the process behind creating this play.

Resource Pack

Looking Back



Initial devising workshops were designed to help the girls decide on the play they wanted to create. The ‘period stigma’ or the ‘shaming’ and ‘secrecy’ around menstruation was a topic that came up repeatedly in discussion. All the girls had
experiences living with their periods in a society that was neither empathetic, knowledgeable or supportive.
The girls then conducted research and interviews into their family and community to unearth more stories and opinions on the issue. The material of these interviews was worked on in rehearsal.

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What was most interesting for the cast to explore was a young girl’s struggle to understand the happenings within her own body through the bizarre ways of how family, friends and society responded to menstruation. The students wanted to bust taboos surrounding menstruation, while educating audiences on the biological and psychological impacts periods have on growing children.
The monthly ‘Period’ was made into a character in the play. This character ‘visits’ the protagonist for the first time unannounced and then accompanies her on her search for answers.


Resource Pack

Looking Back