Artist Development
Our Place
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Our Place

For quite some time, we, the artists at Stages have been discussing the need for a residency for our artists: a place where our artists could stay, rehearse, read, relax, research, meet, cook and explore ourselves as artists. In 2018 Stages rented out a place in Maharagama, where we now run our artist residency with three live-in artists from Stages. At this residency we not only rehearse and reside we also host artist development programs for our artists such as Yoga classes, English classes, recordings, and choreography sessions.  This space is also used as an office space for Stages administrative work and meetings.

Our Place 

Our Scholars

Stages believes in investing in our artists as they are the heart and soul of our theatre company. One thing that makes our theatre group unique is that all or most of our actors/ artists are graduates, and/ or are professionally qualified on some level in the theatre field. We also encourage and support the further education of artists in theatre and the arts and following are some of our artists who have qualified for such programs.

  • Piumi Wijesundara: A Master’s graduate in Theatre Directing at the East 15 Acting School at the University of Essex (2020), United Kingdom.

  • Jayampathi Guruge: Fulbright scholar at Dell Arte International

  • Akalanka Prabashwara: qualified and offered a position at Dell Arte International USA for a professional training program in acting (2019)

  • Pethum Dharmaratne : A Masters graduate from Attakkalari Center for Movement Arts, Bengaluru, India.